When, Not and If

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When I want to be rich,
I forgot that life itself is a form of wealth from God.
When I'm afraid to give,
I forgot that all I have is also a gift from God.
When I want to be the strongest,
I forget in the weakness God strengthened me.
When I'm afraid to lose,
I forget that my life was lucky by the grace of God.

Not because of this beautiful day, we are happy.
But because we are happy in God, life is becoming more wonderful.
Not because there are no obstacles, we are so optimistic.
But because we are optimistic in God, barriers becomes severe.
Not because they are easy, we feel can do it.
But because we believe we can in God, everything feels easier.
Not because all good, we smile.
but because we smile in God, everything feels better.
Because no day is really difficult,
Unless we ourselves were made it so difficult.

If we can't be a major road,
it's enough when we became the path that people can followed by.
if we can't be the sun,
it's enough when we became the candle that illuminate our surroundings.
If we can't do much for someone,
it's enough when we feel sincere and pray for him.

(Ditulis oleh Jemmy - @Mr_Jemo)


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Tan Le
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