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that someone can feel the sadness behind your smile,
can hear the words in your silence,
can feel the love in your anger,
because He is the one who knows you best.

Sometimes you must run far enough,
to know who'll come seek for you.
Sometimes you musat speaktenderly,
to know who's really listen to you.
Sometimes you have to tangled in a fihgt,
to know who'll come to defend you.
Sometimes you have to take the wrong decision,
to iknow who'll show the right one.
and sometimes you had to let go your love,
to know will it came back and be with you until the end.

Because we hide just to be find.
We walk so far just to know who's following.
and We cry just to know who'll brush away our tears.

(Ditulis oleh Jemmy - @Mr_Jemo)


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